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Fraternizing with a Clipper: a lengthy discussion over the Thunder and Clippers

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We tried to keep it civil.

Stephen Dunn

We bring to you our first blogger pre-game discussion of the new season. This time around, the Thunder face the Clippers, and there is much to discuss.

From WTLC editor J.A. Sherman:

The Thunder and Clippers had a highly competitive Western Conference semifinals last year, and it had all the elements of a great rivalry, including, for better or worse, some monumental moments of controversy. It is easy for Thunder fans to gloss over it now since we had our own disappointing round at the hand of the eventual champion Spurs, but we want to get the Clipper perspective on how they reflected on the playoffs over the summer, since all told it was a more successful run than they have had in many years.

We invite Clips Nation writer Adithya to converse with our own Kevin Yeung on what it all means, so in this framework, is the glass half empty or half full?