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Down to Dunk: Bold predictions for the season, and who makes the playoffs

Today we give our bold predictions for the season and guess the eight playoff teams for each conference.

We are less than a week away from the start of the NBA season so it's time for some bold predictions! Which coach will be the first to get fired? Who will get traded? Where is Rajon Rondo going and for what players? Who wins Rookie of the Year? Jabari Parker? Andrew Wiggins? Elfrid Payton? We discuss these and many other predictions in today's podcast.

We also lay out the eight playoff teams in both conferences. The West is stacked again this year. Does it leave any room for a new playoff team? Do the Phoenix Suns have another level they can get to? Are the Portland Trail Blazers due for a letdown?

Oh... and then there is the East, which doesn't look quite as bad as last season... we think. Can the Chicago Bulls live up to expectations? Will the Cleveland Cavaliers be the team everyone thinks they are? What about the Toronto Raptors, Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks, Miami Heat, and Washington Wizards? Where do you put those teams?

We also play a game where we try to bring NBA mascots to life! Listen and comment below!