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Kevin Durant undergoes successful surgery to repair Jones fracture in right foot

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Thunder fans can rest easy knowing that for today, Kevin Durant's foot surgery was a success.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant has undergone successful surgery to repair a broken right foot. The injury, known as a Jones fracture, was in his fifth metatarsal of the foot, at the base near the little toe. Durant will be re-evaluated in 6 weeks.

From Royce Young at ESPN:

Following the announcement of the injury last Sunday, the Thunder had said there was a slim chance Durant could avoid surgery following a separate follow-up consultation. However, it was determined by the Thunder, Durant and his representatives to opt for surgery, which includes re-connecting the bones with a screw. The procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Anderson at the OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Clinic in Charlotte, N.C.

Original estimate of missed time was set at 6-8 weeks. In an interview WTLC conducted with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. David Geier, Dr. Geier said the following (please note that Dr. Geier is not Kevin Durant's surgeon):

Generally this surgery has good success rates, even in top athletes. If the fracture heals, there should be little risk of any limitations on an athlete's performance on the court or field. There is little risk of this fracture leading an athlete to suffer another injury. The most likely negative outcome would be that the fracture does not heal. On rare occasions, even with surgery, a nonunion occurs. In those cases the surgeon can remove the screw that was placed down the center of the bone and replace it with a bigger one. He might also add some bone graft from the hip or another area into the fracture site.

We will follow the story as it develops.