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Kevin Durant foot injury; San Antonio Spurs' Manu Ginobili comments on Oklahoma City Thunder's plight

Spurs' 6th man Manu Ginobili offered some words of wisdom for Durant and the Thunder.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs' guard and key championship cog Manu Ginobili is familiar with injuries and what they can do to both a player and team. He had this to say recently regarding Kevin Durant and the Thunder's situation, as reported by Pounding the Rock.

On Durant's injury:

"Every team goes through one of those, or two, during the season. It hasn't happened with Durant, probably ever, but teams have to be ready. It happened to Tony, me, (Tim Duncan) in the past, Kawhi, Danny, mainly... every other team. It happened to Kobe (Bryant) in the last season-and-a-half. That's sometimes of course a negative for the team because you start a little behind but it gets other players confident and going because they feel important about themselves and I think it makes the team grow. Of course you'd prefer to play with your whole team the whole season, but it's a tough one, but the good thing is that it's early and they'll have time to figure it out. They're good enough."


The Spurs also had to recently quell a social media snafu by guard Danny Green. I am adding this quote in because it is good advice for anyone, not just professional athletes.

On Green's Twitter gaffe:

"It's a very sensitive topic, because it's dangerous. You've got a phone and you go through different moods and some different things happen to you and usually I probably tweet one out of every ten (things he thinks about tweeting). Because if I'm in doubt that it's not going to be funny or it's not cool then boom, I'm out. Sometimes you're tempted and you're bored in your room and you want to do something and things happen. So, you have to be very sensitive, very cautious, because a lot of people follow us and if a lot of people don't follow us, with retweets and stuff... things happen. You have to be very cautious and when you are sort of a public figure, you can get in trouble easy. So before writing anything, it's a smart thing to do to show it to somebody else."

Ginobili said that he can't recall ever getting into trouble for anything social media related, and that he takes precautions to make sure it'll stay that way, explaining, "As I said before, I try to be very cautious with that and if there's not a teammate, my wife, a friend (to show it to), sometimes I send it by message, just in case. Sometimes you think it's going to be funny or okay, and it's not. So I let it go."