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WTLC Daily Loud Links: January 6, 2014

It's a new week!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder got back to their winning ways this past weekend, getting a huge come-back win over the Timberwolves and then blasting the rebuilding Celtics. Here are today's links to get you off started right.


Mayberry writes in his post game nuggets that Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant have high praise for the Thunder's youngsters:

Kevin Durant on Lamb: "I love everything about Jeremy, what he brings to the table for our team. He can do it all. I mean, he’s athletic, he can shoot, he can dribble. But I like he’s intensity. I like his focus and his hard work. With all that, anything can be done on the court by him. So we just need him to keep getting better."

Kendrick Perkins on Jackson: "I thought he played real relaxed. The last couple of games I thought he’s been a little tense. Today, he was Reggie. He just played his game. And that’s what he’s got to do, and we’ve got to keep encouraging him as a team and an organization just to be Reggie. We can’t make him be anything else that he’s not. He’s a score-first, attack point guard. So we need that out of him. We need him to be aggressive. So I think this was a good game for him."

Royce Young notes that Kevin Durant is NOT NICE.

Durant might’ve had an even bigger rest had things gone wrong for him. He picked up a technical foul less than two minutes into the game, his second straight game with a tech and fifth of the season. But in the second quarter he took exception to a Kris Humphries foul, chirping at him. Humphries walked away, but missed an opportunity to get in KD’s face, which could’ve drawn a second tech and an ejection.

In ESPN's 5 on 5, several writers note that Steven Adams has surprised a few with his play so far this season. I love Adams and everything and I'm happy that he's receiving attention, but it's also important to note that this was one of the worst drafts in years. After Michael Carter-Williams, is there really anyone else out there that deserves rookie of the year mention?

From Hickory High's stat pack:

Kevin Durant took at least ten more shots than any other player in the game, yet the Timberwolves starters attempted more shots than the Thunder did as a team.

Lots of fun tidbits from The Starters today, including a shout-out to young Reggie Jackson and some J.R. Smith hi-jinks. That said, the lead image is jarring. Amare Stoudemire now actually looks the same way he plays. In other words, like a 50 year old man.

At Grantland, the Trail Blazers get a Rip City Revival column. One of the key ingredients? No, not biology, although it would be pretty great if someone like Meyers Leonard said that.

"Great chemistry on this team," says Williams. "I can't speak enough about the chemistry," adds Aldridge. "Our hidden strength," explains Stotts, "is that we just have great chemistry."

If you missed it, the Clippers lost Chris Paul for 6 weeks after he dislocated his shoulder. Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and now CP3.

Also from Clips Nation, Steve Perrin writes on the "rumor" of there being some discussion between the Knicks and Clippers regarding Carmelo Anthony and Blake Griffin. Perrin rightly sets his gun sites on the horrible ESPN "reporting" that was little more than stirring up controversy to generate discussion. News company creating news.

Finally, here is your moment of Zen, brought to you by the new guest star (probably) to appear this season on "Justified." Rumor is that Chris Kaman will be getting into a Harlan-style bobcat fight with Dewey Crowe.