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Craig Brenner talks Thunder and Russell Westbrook injury on NBA 4 Life

Amidst a morose week in Thunder-land, WTLC's Craig Brenner joins NBA 4 Life to talk about what happens when your All-Star point guard goes down with injury. Listen in!

The guys at NBA 4 Life and I discussed how shocking the news of Russell Westbrook's injury was and how it will effect the Thunder this time around. If the time table for Westbrook's return is an accurate one or if it is wishful thinking on the team's part. If there is any blame to place on Westbrook or the Thunder medical staff for the knee injury not being caught sooner. We also hit on if there are any long-term health concerns for Westbrook moving forward and how this effects the window for the Thunder to when a title.

Westbrook's injury was not the only topic the guys hit on during the show. We also discussed what has lead to the Thunder's dominate play (excluding the 4th quarter vs. Blazers and Nets) mainly being the defense and the improved bench. We also looked ahead to which Western Conference teams they would match up best and worst against.

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