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The Great Kiwi Words Crowd Sourcing Experiment

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Crowd-sourcing Steven Adams fans and his legion of New Zealand followers

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Steven Adams is huge. Literally and figuratively. We all know this. And with the advent of the ADAMS WATCH! has come a bevy of New Zealand fans who have enriched the WTLC studio space. I recently asked some of them if they'd be willing to help us develop a Steven Adams lexicon, because it's awesome to be able to say, "sweet as bro" and mean it.

So let's have it, Kiwi's. Enlighten us with your wonderful language in the comments below. In fact, if you are particularly fond of one phrase or another, then 'rec' it and we'll see which ones are most popular.

We will then compile the lingo and create our very own WTLC Kiwi lexicon.