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WTLC Daily Loud Links: January 16, 2013

Here are your daily loud links!

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder are still in a funk, but hopefully they bounce back tonight. Until then, check these articles out!


It's always good to see young players hold themselves accountable and that's exactly what Reggie Jackson has done. He admits to playing really bad defense lately. Maybe this will help him improve.

"Defensively, I was poor tonight," Jackson said after the game. "I definitely could have made it more difficult. I let him get hot early."

Though they stopped short of blaming Jackson directly, both Brooks and Thunder forward Kevin Durant called Lee's performance unacceptable.

Anthony Slater and Darnell Mayberry from The Oklahoman have their weekly "Thunder Buddies" podcast and it's a good one. This week they discussed if it's time for Scott Brooks to change his starting lineup. Listen to the entire podcast.

Anthony Bennett was the first-overall pick in the draft and he's been ridiculously awful this season. Now Bennett says that he's open to going down to the D-League. Of course he is.

Even before he didn't play a minute in a 120-118 victory over the Lakers on Tuesday night, rookie Anthony Bennett was being asked whether he'd be interested in going down to play with the Cavaliers' owned-and-operated NBA Development League franchise in Canton.

"It's something I'd think about, for sure," Bennett said before Tuesday's game. "It's not a bad thing, especially going down there, hopefully playing a lot, going out there, building my confidence." [...]

It's really hard to have a feel-good moment with the Miami Heat, but there actually was one last night. Greg Oden played for the first time in four years last night and his first possession on the court, he got an offensive rebound and then slammed it home. Good for you, Greg.

Nick Young aka "Swaggy P" turned into "Angry P" (bad joke, I know) on Wednesday night and got ejected for taking a swing at Goran Dragic's face. He then got mad at his teammates for not backing him up. I love Nick Young because I think he's hilarious, but this years Lakers team might even be funnier than him.