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2014 Playoffs: The Thunder's pursuit of a championship

What do Finals tell us about Thunder & Spurs?

The Spurs are on the verge of winning their rematch against the Heat, and Miami has yet to open up the Spurs' lone weakness. How are they missing?

WTLC & the Rock: Once more with feeling (update4)

We wrap up the Thunder's series against the Spurs with one more live discussion between Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco and WTLC's J.A. Sherman.

Thunder Top 10 Playoff Moments

The Thunder had some memorable moments during their 2014 playoff run. Here are some of the best.

Game 6 grades: Thunder get held back for a year

The Thunder played bravely and aggressively, but not all together very well in their final game of their season.

Discussing Game 6 and the Thunder’s future

We take another look at the loss and what the Thunder can do to avoid another one in the future.

Thunder's season ends at the hands of the Spurs

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook did their best to carry their team and force overtime. The veteran Spurs just wore them down.

Fraternizing with the Rock part V: the Clutch

Game 6 is nearly here, and with it, the penultimate moment for the Thunder. We prepare with our continuing dialogue with Pounding the Rock. Check it out!

Coaching adjustments define Thunder-Spurs matchup

We take a look at two stretches that absolutely killed the Thunder in Game 5, and what Scott Brooks should have done to avoid them.

WTLC podcast: talking OKC defense, game 6 hopes

Craig and Sherman discuss what went wrong in game 5 and how the Thunder can save their season. Listen in!

Game 5 grades: not good enough

Thunder got wiped out on the road again. Here is how each player failed to meet the challenge as they lost what could be the pivotal game of the series.

The two moves Pop made to win Game 5

We've heard a lot of analysis, but I'm breaking this down to basics. Here's how the key strategies of starting Matt Bonner and attacking the basket had a ripple effect across the entire game.

Down to Dunk: Thunder vs. Spurs Game 5 Recap

Game 5 was a rough game to watch, and as a result the Thunder find themselves needing to win back to back games in order to get back to the finals. We recap the game and talk adjustments. Listen and comment below!

Boris Diaw, the Spurs' unlikely answer to Ibaka

Diaw figured out the jumpshot in Game 5, and that freed all sorts of things up for the San Antonio Spurs.

Thunder defense disappoints again

The Thunder defense once again was the culprit in OKC's critical game 5 loss.

OKC on the brink after 117-89 loss to SA in Game 5

The Thunder had a chance to repeat 2012 and steal Game 5 on the road to go up 3-2, potentially putting themselves in position to complete the series comeback. The Spurs had other ideas.

Thunder aim for the basketball rainbow vs. Spurs

This series will be decided tonight. By whom? Check the facts within and decide for yourself.

Russell Westbrook won't change

Russell Westbrook's style of play is as polarizing as anybody in the league. His new-school swagger stands in contrast to the old school Spurs' way. Can Westbrook prove his way is here to stay?

Fraternizing with the Rock part IV: The Pivot

We prepare for the pivotal game 5 tonight between the Thunder & Spurs with a continued discussion on the impressions of Westbrook, Popovich, and more. Check it out!

Popovich "Ibaka Picture"

We take you through a hypothetical film room session with Pop and the gang....Mad Men style.

Has Scott Brooks saved his job?

After standing on the brink of losing his job, Scott Brooks has coached his way back into the playoffs.

Game 4 grades: Westbrook erupts, KD shines

The Thunder evened their series against the Spurs, largely due in part by Westbrook & Durant. How did everyone do?

WTLC Playoff Podcast: Westbrook Goes Supernova

We talk about how Ibaka's presence, a ton of athleticism, and a Westbrook explosion got us to a Thunder victory, and what the Thunder need to do for Game 5.

Are we re-living the 2012 Thunder-Spurs series?

The Oklahoma CIty Thunder tied the series 2-2 against the San Antonio Spurs, and we start to recall the 2012 playoffs meeting between these two teams.

Steve McPherson talks Game 4

Steve McPherson from Grantland and A Wolf Among Wolves talks Westbrook, Durant, where does Ibaka rank among power forwards, Scott Brooks, and Thunder lineups.

Fraternizing with the Rock Part III: game 4 cometh

Pounding the Rock and WTLC continue their discussion about the Thunder vs Spurs series in today's 3rd installment. Check it out!

WTLC Playoff Podcast: Ibaka Returns, Looking Ahead

We gauge Ibaka's return, critique the Thunder's training staff, and look ahead to the rest of the series.

Phil Naessens: talking game 3, Ibaka, & Westbrook

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, Phil creates a 3-way discussion with Sherman and Pounding the Rock's J.R. Wilco to analyze game 3 and the impact of Ibaka and Westbrook. Listen in!

Ibaka never rides alone....

What else did the Thunder do to win this game? One man, however incredible, doesn't make a 44 point swing.

Game 3 grades: The Return of Serge Ibaka

In Games 1 & 2, the Thunder couldn't get help from anyone. In Game 3, Serge Ibaka returned, which helped. A lot.

Game 3 Thunder/Spurs Carversation: Ibaka is back!

Serge Ibaka is back and so are the Oklahoma City Thunder! Listen for pre and post game analysis of game 3.

OKC gets on the board, win game 3 vs Spurs, 106-97

The Thunder needed a win in game 3 and fueled by the return of Serge Ibaka, got their first win of the series against the Spurs.

Thunder set to make stand against Spurs

We've all had a few days to sit and stew over the results of the first two games. Despite that, there doesn't seem to be a clear answer to the Thunder's problems in sight.