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2014 NBA Draft

'14 Draft: re-drafting the lottery two years later

Don't you ever wonder what the draft would look like if teams had the ability to "get another chance?"

2014 NBA Draft: "re-drafting" last year's class

WTLC breaks down previous drafts and how it should have unfolded after seeing how each prospect performed in their rookie years.

Watch: Mitch McGary is getting comfortable in OKC

Mitch McGary came into the NBA amidst some controversy. How is he adjusting?

What Do the Rookies Think of Each Other?

Here are some fun tidbits related to the Thunder and the league as a whole from the rookie survey from this past weekend.

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Mitch McGary is your rookie slam dunk champ

Wiggins WHO?

Discussing the strange & fascinating Huestis story

Phil Naessens and Sherman break down for you the strange and fascinating unfolding story of how Josh Huestis got drafted. Listen in!

Josh Huestis, drafted and stashed in the D-League?

Would you trade more than 97% of your first-year salary in professional basketball for some extra D-League playing time? That's the trade Josh Huestis is facing.

My first time with a press pass at the NBA Draft

Being at the draft was like being in basketball heaven, only better.

WTLC Podcast: Zeb and Craig Talk the NBA Draft

How will McGary and Huestis slot in? Who succeeded and failed last night? Listen and find out!

Post Draft Hangover podcast: McGary and Heustis?

Mitch McGary and Josh Heustis are now a part of the Oklahoma City Thunder. We discuss their potential as well as the rest of the draft.

Morning-after look: how did OKC do on draft day?

Suits and ties yelling out, "Pay the guys."

Thunder add Semaj Christon from Hornets for cash

Semaj Christon is a great name.

Thunder select Josh Heustis with the 29th pick

The Oklahoma City Thunder have selected Josh Huestis, a wing player from Stanford University.

Inside the WTLC war room for 2014 mock draft

In the 2014 SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft, the WTLC crew represented the Thunder. Here's what went down.

Are the Thunder targeting Kristaps Porzingis?

The Thunder reportedly promised to draft Kristaps Porzingis if he is still available by the time their first draft pick comes around.

Offseason Primer Podcast

What will the Thunder do with all their assets this summer? They need to surround Durant, Westbrook, and Ibaka with more talent. Who can the get? How will they do this? Listen in.

Thunder vs. Spurs, NBA Draft, and Offseason Talk!

We are truly miffed and peeved at what we have seen from the Thunder thus far. Listen to hear our opinions on what needs to be done, what could happen at the NBA Draft for OKC, and how we behave at fast food drive thru.

2014 NBA Draft: Who should the Thunder target?

The Thunder have two first round picks. Who should they look at in this loaded draft class?