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2014 NBA All-Star Weekend

Brooks claims he didn't ask the West to play D

Scotty talks about his experiences coaching the All-Star game, and KD talks about how he and James Harden are doing.

All-Star Saturday Night Wrap Up

Dunks, Three Pointers, and lots of experimentation. What worked and what didn't?

Scott Brooks Talks Coaching Philosophy with WTLC

"Just do it" takes on a whole new meaning for those playing under Coach Scott Brooks.

Durant thinks Westbrook's return will be "Easy"

We got a few questions in during KD's media session, and his responses might surprise you....

All-Star Saturday Prediction Contest

Want to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card? Then predict!

Durant interview: Rockets win was turning point

Kevin Durant gives an interview with ESPN Radio, and here is the transcript.

Steven Adams Talks About His Rookie Season

WTLC got a chance to ask Thunder center Stephen Adams a few questions during his post-game interview session with the media.

WTLC and the Media Talk with Reggie Jackson

Find out whether he was slated to be in the dunk contest, and what he thinks the key is to his improved defense this season.

KD, Reggie Jackson to do All-Star Saturday

Kevin Durant teams up with the Mailman and Skylar Diggins, while Reggie Jackson joins forces with Goran Dragic.