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Five Things to Watch: Zorgon knows the way

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Our venerable leader takes to the virtual pages of Sheridan Hoops to address five things that will make or break the Thunder's upcoming season.

Ronald Martinez

Sheridan Hoops, the eponymous site for veteran NBA scribe Chris Sheridan, conducts an annual preview where they take a look at each team before the season begins.  This time around, they got a chance to grab our man Zorgon to lend a hand.

Five Things to Watch: OKC Thunder | Sheridan Hoops

Here are a few snippets, but we encourage you to read the whole thing:

The emergence of Jeremy Lamb

Lamb wasn’t able to consistently perform at a high level in the Summer League, and his flaws seem to stem from his strengths. His long wingspan and lack of creativity will work against him when he has to face help defense in the paint, and his range can lead to some really bad shot selection. Moreover, he doesn’t have nearly the court vision that James Harden had, so he will have to rely on Reggie Jackson and Derek Fisher to do the majority of the ballhandling.

The Passion of the Serge

Ibaka still has a ways to go before he truly enters the realm of the elite. The main area that he will have to improve upon is his ability to create his own shot. He is too lightweight to back down most defenders and doesn’t have the handles to face up defenders. Thus, the key to developing his offensive independence is range.

The Contribution of the 'No Offense' Trio

I’m not expecting miracles, but when[Kendrick Perkins, Thabo Sefolosha, and Nick Collison] can exploit a defensive mismatch or just get a bit lucky, it pays huge dividends on the whole. Think about it this way: The Thunder were 28-4 last season when one of these guys chipped in 10 points or more.

Be sure to read the whole thing.