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Thunder Say What? Following the Oklahoma City Thunder on Twitter

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Check out our new feature, which tracks all of the best Thunder interactions on Twitter.


This week we're beginning a new project of sorts that we hope you will find enjoyable, if not informative. As we know, athletes say stuff, often on Twitter. Most of it is the mundane variety and "private" discussions that they choose to make public to their followers. Occasionally though it is interesting, if not newsworthy.

For example, this:

While KD did not tweet this but was rather just the quote originator, I think it still is a good example of what we're talking about. Sarah Rogers and I discussed the merits of this "news" and decided it was not exactly "news," since this is what players always say about their teammates after injuries. Was it worth a post? A link? A mention? Is non-news still interesting? (I promise I'm not busting on our colleague Daily Thunder editor Royce Young, I'm just using it as an example for how we can handle things like sort of in-between information).

It's not news, but since we're a Thunder blog, we still want to keep you, the readers, on top of everything from the exciting to the mundane. That's why we're going to try out this new concept and see how well it sticks. We're going to start aggregating as many interesting and news-ish/news-like Thunder-related tweets as we can and compile them in posts for your easy enjoyment. This may be a weekly post or it may be a daily post; it depends purely on how active the Thunder tweeters are.

With that in mind, here is the Thunder exchange of the week, courtesy Redskins fan Durant's sad, sad Monday night.

Of course Durant's brothers in arms were sympathetic.

I wonder where Westbrook's rooting interests lie:

Serge Ibaka wants a piece of the action:

Durant has about had enough with the shenanigans, Cupcake.

However, if you really want to troll Westbrook, look no further than "Devil Wears Prada"

King James has to let #2 know that he cares:

Durant won't let the naysayers get to him though.

Leaving that behind, Durant trolls somebody else:

Ibaka, perhaps?

Or maybe not, since Ibaka can barely keep his eyes open in Sin City.


Lastly, Thabo Sefolosha shares the love.


Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned for our next Twitter edition.