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WTLC Mailbag: Summer Wrap-Up, What are your questions that need answers?

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Alex Strouf will break down your questions later in the week.

Jeremy Lamb
Jeremy Lamb

Hey all,

Long time no talk! The summer is wrapping up, and the football season has rolled around, which means it's only a few weeks away from NBA season!

For this Friday, I'd like to reintroduce the mailbag so I can answer your questions on:

  • Thunder's Free Agency
  • Thunder in Orlando Summer League
  • NBA Draft
  • Any other occasion from June-Now
You can submit questions several different ways.


Leave a comment on THIS ARTICLE.


Tweet to @LetsGoAlex or @WTLC using the HASHTAG #WTLCMailbag


E-Mail your questions (yes, we still use emails too!) to

I look forward to answering you questions!