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DeAndre Liggins Arrested on Charges of Domestic Battery

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Swingman DeAndre Liggins was arrested tonight on charges of domestic assault battery in the presence of a minor.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Via NewsOK:

"He is being held on complaints of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and domestic abuse in the presence of a minor, a jail official said."

I'll refrain from commenting on Liggins' predicament, but in terms of basketball, the impact that his potential absence from the team would have is minimal. He did see some minutes last season, but was mainly used as a defensive stopgap and was a total offensive hole. His hustle won him a lot of fans on the court though, and his presence did really help out when Thabo Sefolosha was injured. Liggins' contract was unguaranteed for next season, and his performance in the Summer League was mediocre, at best. He was likely to be replaced with Andre Roberson or Ryan Gomes in the rotation.

Unsurprisingly, the Thunder have no comment on the situation at this time. Once everything is made clear, I'm sure we'll hear some official word.

This isn't the first time a Thunder player has run afoul of the law. Kendrick Perkins once had an altercation outside of a night club and Nate Robinson was once charged with public urination outside of a Barnes and Noble.

We'll have more updates on the story as it breaks.




The Oklahoman provides more details:

Oklahoma City police were called at about 4:40 p.m. to the 2300 block of NW 180th near North Pennsylvania Avenue. An official police incident report is not yet available, Lt. Arthur Gregory said.

"From what I understand it was a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship," Gregory said. "And I don't know who the child was, if it was theirs, her's or his."

Liggins has been taken to the Oklahoma county jail. No bail has been set.