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Rookie Watch: Steven Adams sings, is a fan of 80's music The Proclaimers

Thunder rookie Steven Adams sings. Poorly.

The NBA experience and music go hand in hand, so naturally NBA TV's Lang Whittaker asked the new rookie class what song they would choose if they could select their own theme song. The normal array of artists' names show up, from Rick Ross to Kanye to Jay-Z. That is, until Lang gets to our very own Steven Adams.

Adams: "I believe it would be 'I Would Walk 500 Miles' by The Proclaimers."

Lang: "Could you sing a little bit of it?"

Adams: "I could sing a LOT of it."

And then he does. Not only that, but he then recruits Lang to participate in the call and response.

The evidence is mounting. And all of that evidence points to the fact that Steven Adams and New Zealanders are awesome.


Update: Mr. Adams himself concurs.

No doubt.