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Kevin Durant Jams Twice in the Goodman League

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Czech it out!

Via The Mars Reel:

As you can see, Kevin Durant continues to dominate Summer Leagues, specifically the Goodman League, with his egregious amount of talent. This isn't his greatest Summer League clip ever, but it is notable because those are the flashiest dunks he's ever attempted. Yes, seriously. He's never been very creative in that area of his game. The most apt description for KD's playstyle that I've ever heard came from a fan in Memphis. His words? "They turned the machine on."

It's also pretty cool to see KD come from a dead stop and straight up beat a guy a few inches shorter than him in a footrace. Gives you an idea of how different talent level can be. Still, this clip is nowhere near as cool as his domination of Rucker Park in 2011.

I know that a lot of people love to rag on NBA players for participating in Summer Leagues, because it's a potential injury risk. But to those people, I say "Pah!" Most importantly to me, KD's participation in summer ball is a sign that he truly loves the game, and isn't just in it for money. He doesn't need whatever the Goodman league is giving him, and he doesn't need to play in front of crowds. He's doing it because he WANTS to. And that's way more important to me than any potential "injury risk". I trust the man to know his own limits.