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2013 NBA Offseason: WTLC joins the Phil Naessens Show to talk Thunder and power rankings

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WTLC joins the Phil Naessens Show to talk about how things are shaping up with the expected top 8 seeds in the Western Conference.


Now that the free agency period is coming to a close and the Thunder more or less stood pat, the buzz is starting to increase about whether or not the Thunder slipped at all heading into next season. We joined the Phil Naessens Show for our regular weekly segment and he and I run down who we think are going to be the top 8 seeds in the Western Conference this season. Hold onto your hats, we may surprise you. Be sure to listen to the whole program, as J.R. Wilco from Pounding the Rock and Kevin Lipe from Grizzly Bear Blues also join in on the fun.

Naessens has a global following, broadcast Monday thru Friday at Max Sports Channels,Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network and Kozmik Radio.

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