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2013 NBA Offseason: Kevin Durant visits the Drew League

Kevin Durant visited the Drew League and Los Angeles and we got a surprise finish.

Kevin Durant has made us accustomed to spotting him in various places during the NBA offseason. One place where we should never be surprised however is when he shows up for one of the big summer league exhibitions, one of which is the Drew League in Los Angeles.

Durant stopped by the Drew League to play with other NBA pros DeMar DeRozan and Metta World Peace. As you can see from the above video, it was about what we've come to expect from Durant during these runs - he is head and shoulders above everyone else, literally and figuratively. This fact was punctuated by one of Durant's nastier dunks:

Surprisingly, the game turned into a close affair. With Durant's team down by 2 with the clock winding down, Durant was in position to deliver a win.

Even though Durant clanked this one, we know that he'll continue to want to be the man in those types of situations. Said Durant: