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2013 NBA Offseason: WTLC joins Phil Naessens Show to talk Derek Fisher, Mike Miller, trade exceptions, and contracts

WTLC is back on the Phil Naessens Show to talk about the latest player movement in the NBA, including the signing of Derek Fisher, losing out on the Mike Miller bid, and some of the wonky contract subjects that are only interesting in the offseason.

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WTLC joins the Phil Naessens Show once again to discuss the latest Thunder developments. On this show, we talk about the Derek Fisher signing, losing out on Mike Miller, player trade exceptions, and the breakdown of an unusual aspect of Kevin Durant's contract. We have a great time on the show, and Naessens' other guest is legendary J.R. Wilco of Pounding the Rock, so be sure to give it all a listen!

Naessens has a global following, broadcast Monday thru Friday at Max Sports Channels,Talk Superstation, Armed Forces Radio Network and Kozmik Radio.

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