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The WTLC Friday Thunder Mailbag: What are your questions?

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Alex introduces a new weekly feature where he answers your questions about the Thunder every Friday.

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins

Hey there WTLC Family!

Each and every Friday, starting THIS FRIDAY July 26th, I will be doing a weekly feature called: the WTLC Friday Mailbag. Do you have any questions about the Thunder? Are there any topics that you think would be exciting to discuss? There's four way you can submit your question.

TWITTER: You can tweet either tweet @LetsGoAlex (my personal account) or you can tweet @WTLC, the site's account.

FACEBOOK: You can post your questions on the 'Welcome To Loud City' Facebook wall.

E-MAIL: You can ask the questions at

COMMENT: On this thread, and the most recent mailbag for future questions.

I will answer your question, if not this week it will be the next. I will aim to answer at least ten questions a week.

Hope to read your questions soon! Remember, Tweet, E-Mail, Facebook, or comment below for your questions to be entered!