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2013 NBA Free Agency: Is Richard "Rip" Hamilton a possibility for the Oklahoma City Thunder?

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According to several news sources, Richard "Rip" Hamilton has no interest in retiring and wantes to play for a contender. Several teams have shown interest, but where should he play next season?


The Oklahoma City Thunder are looking at leftovers from other teams. With the rumors of former Heat player Mike Miller heading to Oklahoma City, another rumor that's hit the internet is that Richard Hamilton might also land in OKC. After being waived from the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, Hamilton has allegedly told anyone who would listen that he is not ready to retire.

Hamilton is a player in the mold of Kevin Martin - slight of build but quick, agile, and understands how to produce points. Unfortunately, age and injury have depleted Hamilton's production, as he has not played near a full season in five years. Furthermore, Rip does not have the 3-point range which Martin boasted, so adding him into the mix could cause potential spacing issues.

Hamilton, who won an NBA Championship in 2004 with the Pistons, is 35-years-old. Last season with the Bulls, Hamilton averaged 9.8 points and 2.4 assists in 50 games. Injuries also kept Hamilton on the sidelines this past postseason since he only played in four of the 12 playoff games for the Bulls. Hamilton has also expressed interest in wanting to retire as a Piston.