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Introducing Two Perspectives: Sports Show

The sports show hosted by two SB Nation writers Alex and Victor, talking everything NBA, NFL, MLB, and NCAA!

Two Perspectives: Sports Show Logo
Two Perspectives: Sports Show Logo
Alex Strouf

Many of you have taken the opportunity to tune in to my Spreecast recently, where I had been doing a weekly sports show in December for a Sports Forum. I decided to take the show in a different direction in March, along with Baltimore Beat Down (Baltimore Ravens' SB Nation site) writer Victor Hensley, and make it between the two of us, along with special guests. We interviewed some high profile sports personalities, including James Blair (pictured below with LeBron James), J From Compton, who is a 710 ESPN LA personality, and several SB Nation journalists.

Photo Courtesy of Fox Sports Florida

As of July 10th, 2013, Victor and I have decided to take a different path than Spreecast. We now put our episodes on iTunes, the Windows Store, and the Zune Store. You can find it by searching "Two Perspectives: Sports Show" (or just "Two Perspectives") into whichever system you're using. You can also go to THIS LINK, which will take you to the iTunes site where you can download the podcasts.

We currently have three episodes, and will put a new episode of Two Perspectives up every three or four days. On Two Perspectives, we debate and discuss every big topic in the world of sports. We mainly discuss NBA, NFL, MLB, and NCAA sports.

To all listeners, we are so grateful that you download the show. Victor and I work hard to produce each and every episode of Two Perspectives for your enjoyment.

Feedback is highly encouraged and appreciated. You can find me on Twitter @LetsGoAlex and Victor at @Frezeal33.