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2013 NBA Summer League: Thunder key player grades for Game 4

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Alex takes the time to grade game four in the Orlando Summer League.

The Thunder huddle up in game three of the Orlando Summer League
The Thunder huddle up in game three of the Orlando Summer League
OKC Thunder Facebook Page

In Summer League, records are broken often, due to the league being in only it's ninth season. Yesterday, Thunder Point Guard Reggie Jackson broke two of them, most points scored in one quarter (23 in the fourth) and most points scored in a game (35). Today, Jeremy Lamb almost broke the record AGAIN, scoring 32. I'll break down the play of some players and grade them on their performance today, a 74-62 win over the 76ers.

Thunder vs 76ers Box Score



One turnover away from an A, but eight turnovers is way too many. 32 points is awesome, though, especially on only 14 shots.


This was the most entertaining game for a Thunder center I've seen in a while (yes, that was a shot at you Kendrick Perkins). Dunking, rebounding, stealing, and blocking for Adams today. Four turnovers however is not a good stat.


Did not do much, so he gets a C. Good defense, but not great on the offensive end either.

The Thunder are 4-0, and have the day off tomorrow. They will play for the championship on Friday.

Reggie Jackson had the day off after his stunning 35 point performance on Tuesday.