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2013 NBA Draft: Thunder take Alex Abrines with 32nd pick

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The Thunder used their only 2nd round pick to select Alex Abrines.

Draft Express

The Oklahoma City Thunder used their 32nd and final pick of the 2013 NBA draft to select Alex Abrines from Spain.

Abrines is a 19 year old youngster who is tall (6'5") but still slight in build (190 lbs). He is still learning the game, as his meager 5.1 PPG in the Euroleague attests. However, Abrines has been expanding his game beyond simple spot-up shooting (something which OKC can actually use) and is learning how to use the pick and roll effectively.

Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman writes:

Definitely a draft and stash for the Thunder. You knew they weren’t going to add three guys to the roster. Just don’t have the spots.

Fran Fraschilla compared Abrines to former Portland Trail Blazer Rudy Fernandez. Not a bad comp. But he’ll be overseas for at least a year or two, if not more.

Draft Express goes a bit deeper:

Standing 6-5 with a skinny frame, Abrines possesses similar physical attributes to those of countryman Rudy Fernandez. Much like the former Nuggets guard when he was the same age, Abrines needs to continue getting stronger to prepare himself for the NBA, but has passable size for his position and is a fluid athlete, proving capable of playing above the rim on occasion.

By no means an imposing physical specimen by NBA standards, Abrines does the vast majority of his scoring at this stage of his career with his jump shot, as perimeter attempts account for more than 75% of his total shots, the majority of which come from beyond the arc. The 19 year old is a streaky shooter with good range, having made 34% of his catch and shoot jumpers on the year. He takes some difficult, off-balance jumpers on occasion, but is adept at working off screens and shoots the ball with fluid mechanics and a high release point in rhythm when spotting up. Even coming off the bench for small spurts, Abrines doesn't hesitate to come into a game and immediately start firing away. He possesses great confidence in his scoring ability and will take and make plenty of jumpers with a hand in his face, showing no fear whatsoever regardless of the situation.

Bottom line: Abrines is a project who is going to get lots of D-League minutes, but he is a young talent who shows some promise shooting the ball. His niche in the NBA is going to be as a 3-point shooter. If he can dedicate himself to that craft, he could definitely find a spot in the Thunder rotation. Between 26th pick Andre Roberson and Abrines, I would say that it is Abrines who has the better shot at making the team, simply due to the fact that he has one clearly defined skill that translates to the NBA game.

Of course, whether he capitalizes on that potential is up to him.