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Russell Westbrook helps two Thunder fans get engaged via Twitter

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While recovering from knee surgery, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook helped two Thunder fans get engaged via Twitter.

Russell Westbrook could give Chuck Woolery a run for his money
Russell Westbrook could give Chuck Woolery a run for his money
Westbrook image via US Presswire

If Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook woke up one day and decided to retire from basketball, he would probably take a job as a matchmaker.

Two lucky Thunder fans got engaged with the help of Westbrook, and not even Westbrook's rehabbing could hold him back from lending a hand.

Charlie Bright and his bride-to-be Rachel Haycraft's love story began last November, and today they tell it to us at WTLC.

"We met at the Bedlam game," Haycraft said. "Charlie was sitting in the seats in front of me!"

After dating for a while, Batch decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Haycraft, but he wanted to make the proposal a memorable one. Since their first date was at a Thunder game, Bright got the idea to seek out the help of Westbrook by reaching out to him via Facebook.

"I messaged Westbrook on Facebook and put "MARRIAGE PROPOSAL" in the subject line because I wanted to catch Russ' eye when he was looking through his inbox," Bright said. "I waited a couple of days and almost gave up, but then received Russell's reply, which was something like, 'I'm down. What's the plan?'"

After exchanging messages to hatch the plan, Westbrook tweeted to Haycraft and the plan was set in motion.

But how was Bright going to get Haycraft to look at Twitter? Well, he had a plan for that, too.

You see, Bright is a civil engineer and works at several job sites on the University of Oklahoma's Norman campus. Haycraft said it isn't uncommon for her to go with him to check on those sites.

"When we got to the car Bright told me that we were going to dinner with some friends, but they were running late so we were going to go by his job sites," Haycraft said. "Once we got there, he took me to the north side of the fountain, which is a very special place for us."

Haycraft said she knew something was up when he stopped walking.

"I was really confused and when he asked me to check my Twitter I became even more confused," Haycraft said. "So I checked it and was completely shocked to see that Westbrook had mentioned me in a Tweet. When I actually read the tweet, I was even more shocked."

It was there that Bright got down on one knee and said that he loved her and asked if she would marry him!

The night wouldn't be complete if Bright and Haycraft didn't announce her answer via Twitter.

With a wedding to plan, Haycraft says they plan to invite a very special guest.

"We'd love to invite Russell to our wedding!"

At least we know that if Russ attends, given his fashion sense, he'll stand out in a crowd.