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Watch: Kevin Durant goes full Phantom vs Grizzlies

Kevin Durant's snap decision to go for the win vs the Grizzlies is captured in slow motion.

H/T to Royce Young for spotting the video, and also for his frame by frame analysis. My favorite one is this:


This guy is from the Kendrick Perkins school of "I knew he was going to touch ‘em up." He knows what KD’s about to do. He’s just getting started early with his celebrating.

That's right. A full 8 seconds before the ball splashed through the hoop and with Durant 80 feet away from his own rim, this guy knew victory was at hand. Isn't that what we live for as sports fans though? The hope and expectation that when your best player has the ball in his hands on the line, he's about to deliver you and 18,000 other fans into delirium?

Who knows how this series will turn out, but moments like this...this moment...last forever.