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This Week in Alternate Sports Illustrated Covers

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Normally, we'd be focusing on the NBA Playoffs and the heroic exploits of NBA superstar Joey Crawford, but not this week. There are more important things to spread the word about.

This week's Sports Illustrated features the St. Louis Cardinals. With the way the juxtaposition sets up, the infamous curse taken into account, they're doomed. Just ask 1957 Oklahoma football. Usually I'd delve into a brief overview of the NBA playoffs thus far and get to the alternate covers, but we're doing it a little different this week. With the May 19th and 20th tornados that hit not only Moore and Oklahoma City, but also the towns of Carney, Shawnee, Newcastle, Wellston, Prague, Luther, Little Axe, Bethel Acres, and others, it's far more important to highlight different ways that you can help. This last Monday afternoon, I would normally have been pretty chapped about losing an afternoon of work in the studio, hail damage to my car, and my dog pooping all over the oriental rug in my bedroom. The nice one. But on that day and today, I feel incredibly blessed to have had that kind of afternoon. If you're reading this on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone, you're pretty lucky too. With that in mind, consider offering whatever help you can to the help through volunteering or giving to the charities and organizations included in this week's alternate Sports Illustrated covers. There will be a full list with links at the bottom.

Alternate #1: This Dog is Awesome.


Alternate #2: Bob Stoops would like you to donate like a champion today. So would KD and Mike Gundy. Also, way to go Love's Travel Stops.


Alternate #3: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and the Thunder have been doing a great job this week.


Alternate #4: Kevin Durant is just a great guy.


Here's a list of charities, organizations, and links I've compiled since Monday. It's by no means complete, but these are all great charities, local and otherwise. It would be great if you can either donate your time or money to for help in the recovery efforts. Lastly, thanks so much for the wonderful response from all of the SB Nation community following the disaster. You all are awesome.

Charities/Organizations: - AmeriCares - OKC Lost Pets - Animal Rescue Center - Infant Crisis Services - Church World Service - United Way of Okla. City - Architecture for Humanity - Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma - The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Command - The Red Cross - The State of Oklahoma general info - Sunbeam Family Services general info - Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Oklahoma - Oklahoma Human Society - City of Okla. City Animal Welfare - City of Okla. City Animal Welfare donation page - The Pet Food Pantry of Okla. City, Inc. - Catholic Charities of Oklahoma