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2013 NBA Draft: Cavaliers win the lottery, Thunder end up with 12th pick

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The NBA held its Draft Lottery tonight. Here is the draft order.


The 2013 NBA Draft Lottery was held tonight and to the surprise of many, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the draft lottery and will select the #1 pick for the 2nd time in 3 years.

The Thunder, who owned the Toronto Raptors' protected pick which was acquired via the Harden trade, was only top-3 protected. Since the Raptors did not win one of the top 3 drafting positions, the pick goes to OKC, and Sam Presti now has the 12th pick in the 2013 draft.

Now the speculation begins. Who do the Thunder take? Do they pursue a big man? The best player on the board? Do they try to package a deal together to trade for another player? Let's see the guesswork below!

Via SB Nation, here is the order of the 2 rounds of the 2013 draft, scheduled for June 27th:

First Round:

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
2. Orlando Magic
3. Washington Wizards
4. Charlotte Bobcats
5. Phoenix Suns
6. New Orleans Pelicans
7. Sacramento Kings
8. Detroit Pistons
9. Minnesota Timberwolves
10. Portland Trail Blazers
11. Philadelphia 76ers
12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto)
13. Dallas Mavericks
14. Utah Jazz
15. Milwaukee Bucks
16. Boston Celtics
17. Atlanta Hawks
18. Atlanta Hawks (from Houston via Brooklyn)
19. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles)
20. Chicago Bulls
21. Utah Jazz (from Golden State via Brooklyn)
22. Brooklyn Nets
23. Indiana Pacers
24. New York Knicks
25. Los Angeles Clippers
26. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis via Houston)
27. Denver Nuggets
28. San Antonio Spurs
29. Oklahoma City Thunder
30. Phoenix Suns (from Miami via L.A. and Cleveland)

Second Round:

31. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Orlando)
32. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Charlotte)
33. Cleveland Cavaliers
34. Houston Rockets (from Phoenix)
35. Philadelphia 76ers (from New Orleans)
36. Sacramento Kings
37. Detroit Pistons
38. Washington Wizards
39. Portland Trail Blazers (from Minnesota via Boston & Cleveland)
40. Portland Trail Blazers
41. Memphis Grizzlies (from Toronto)
42. Philadelphia 76ers
43. Milwaukee Bucks
44. Dallas Mavericks (pick may be conveyed to Lakers)
45. Portland Trail Blazers (from Boston)
46. Utah Jazz
47. Atlanta Hawks
48. Los Angeles Lakers (pick may be conveyed to Dallas)
49. Chicago Bulls
50. Atlanta Hawks (from Houston)
51. Orlando Magic (from Golden State via Denver & New York)
52. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Brooklyn)
53. Indiana Pacers
54. Washington Wizards (from New York)
55. Memphis Grizzlies
56. Detroit Pistons (from Clippers)
57. Phoenix Suns (from Denver via. Lakers)
58. San Antonio Spurs
59. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Oklahoma City)
60. Memphis Grizzlies (from Miami)