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2013 Oklahoma City tornado recovery efforts: Kevin Durant pledges $1 million

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The OKC recovery is underway, and the Thunder's Kevin Durant has stepped up to lead the way in financial donations.

Oklahoma Strong
Oklahoma Strong
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(Banner image h/t to Daily Thunder and Trey Kirby, courtesy Christine Van Timmeren)

The Oklahoma City tornado disaster recovery is underway, and at the forefront is the city's professional franchise, the Thunder.

Yesterday, Chesapeake Energy made a $1 million cash donation, and today, their franchise superstar followed suit. Per the American Red Cross:

I agree with Daily Thunder's Royce Young, where he writes that, "Here’s the thing about Durant’s donation: It’s almost not news. Because it’s the least surprising thing ever. We’re so lucky to have him playing basketball in our city."

Obviously Durant can afford such generous measures, but I think that his willingness to step to the forefront has a strong leadership quality as well. He cares about his city so much that stroking a 7 figure check is an easy decision. Most of us cannot afford such sacrifice, but we can afford smaller sacrifice, so let us follow Durant's lead and give what we can.

The Red Cross of Oklahoma's Twitter feed has the pertinent information if you want to help, or you can call 1-800-RED-CROSS:

Want to help out in some other way? Take a look at this and consider what you do have that might be useful:


Kendrick Perkins is hosting a fundraising event on May 22nd at the Quail Springs Mall:

Visit the Norman Chamber of Commerce Twitter feed and see what they could use. Here is a sampling:

To help out with care for individuals, check out Sunbeam Family Services. Note - the email here is wrong - use


For animal rescue relief, check out the Moore Animal Shelter: