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Beyond The Arc: OKC Thunder awards for Grizzlies series

Time to hand out awards to the boys of Loud City for the season ending series that was the 4-1 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Jamie Squire know what? After letting some time pass by the playoff series loss vs. the Grizzlies still really sucks. It was so disappointing on so many different levels. Let me try to look back a sort through the very sudden end to the OKC Thunder season.

Buffy Summers Awards (Series MVP) - Kevin Durant

Easiest award to hand out. If not for the Durantula the Thunder get rolled in the series.

Tom Haverford Award (Best Supporting Player) - Reggie Jackson

This award is a tough one. As I sat down to write this I still had no idea who I would snag this award. I almost don't want to give out this award because the most disappointing part of this series was the lack of a Robin to Durant's Batman. But someone has to win the award so the back up point guard turned starting point guard Reggie Jackson snags the award. At times he showed himself very well and other times he showed he was a second year player forced to fill the gigantic void left by Russell Westbrook's injury.

Danger Zone Award - Tayshaun Prince

I am sorry to have to pour more salt in this gargantuan wound but it was very DANGER ZONE!!!!

Something something Prince something DANGER ZONE!

The Amnesty Award - Kendrick Perkins

I am not saying that Amnesty is going to be the fate for Kendrick Perkins this off-season but if you do a google search for "Kendrick Perkins + Amnesty" about 1,453,245,386 stories will pop up.

Is he still alive award - Jeremy Lamb he still a part of the OKC Thunder organization? For someone that is going to be the replacement for Kevin Martin who was the replacement for James Harden he sure got a lot of time on the bench.

Prometheus Award (Biggest Disappointment) - Serge Ibaka

He played a lot on the offensive end in the later games of the season but overall he was pretty awful this series. The dude was bricking open dunks. Just a really bad series all around for Air Congo.

Walter White Empire Scale - 1 (Last Series 6)

You are the number one seed in the Western Conference and you win one game in the second round of the playoffs. Yeah...that lands you with the lowest possible score on the scale. Kevin Durant tried his best to will this team into the Western Conference Finals but it his efforts continual fell short.

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