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Watch: The Double-Flop, featuring Kevin Martin and Derek Fisher

Mid-way through the 2nd quarter of Game 5, Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin unwittingly satisfied everything we thought we knew about them as defenders.

I know it's probably uncouth to make fun of our own guys, especially since they lost Game 5 in lackluster fashion, but the above video is too awesome to pass over.

Omer Asik is rolling to the rim after receiving a pocket pass from James Harden, when lo and behold Derek Fisher and Kevin Martin stand in his way. Here it is on a loop:


The play is simply perfect in its synchrony, from hips falling to leg extensions thrusting to arms raised in amazement. It was only topped off by the fact that the ref did indeed call the charge on Asik.

I know that you're thinking what I'm thinking. Let's get these two into a swimming pool.