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2013 NBA Playoffs: Oklahoma City Thunder fall in Game 5, 88-84, lose series to Memphis Grizzlies 4-1

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The Thunder could not find any more magic in Game 5 and fall to the Grizzlies in the Conference Semi's 4-1.

Jamie Squire

The Oklahoma City Thunder are done.

In a Game 5 that typified everything that this series has been about, the Thunder fought gamely but could not make plays when it mattered the most. With a chance to tie the game with 5 seconds remaining, we saw a familiar recurrent event. Kevin Durant, the only player in the league who can reside in the same air space as LeBron James, missed an elbow jumper that he makes in his sleep, and that was that. Durant played arguably his worst playoff game in 4 years and it happened at the worst possible time.

All that said, the sporadic play did not happen in a vacuum. The Grizzlies' defensive intensity is unrivaled at this point and they changed Durant from the league's most efficient 50-40-90 scorer into a guy who shot 5-21 and could barely get off the floor on his jumpers. Major props to Memphis for such a defensive clinic and riding their key players Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and Mike Conley throughout.

The Thunder are done.

The Grizzlies move on.

Basketball. It never stops.

Unfortunately, sometimes that truth hurts.