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This Week in Alternate Sports Illustrated Covers

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Your weekly installment of alternate Sports Illustrated covers that I want to happen.

Craig Sager: Bon vivant and American treasure.
Craig Sager: Bon vivant and American treasure.
W. Bennett Berry

Jason Collins is the cover athlete for this week's Sports Illustrated that reports a groundbreaking moment in professional sports. It's a topic that can be politically, socially, and religiously charged, but regardless of your stance you have to hand it to the guy and be happy for him. That took some courage and character and from his column with Franz Lidz it's obvious he's a stand up guy. But being thorough as we are wont to do here at WTLC, let's take a look at some alternate covers.

Alternate #1: Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley, and Jadakiss.


Alternate #2: The Rockets: White Hats, Beards, and Just Straight Up Obnoxious


Alternate #3: Joey Crawford: One Man's Emotional Journey to Save a Lost Soul


Alternate #4: Craig Sager: Cultural Icon, Bon Vivant, and America's Last Hope


Alternate #5: Whistleblower: One Dog's Courageous Journey to Tell the Truth