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Look: Russell Westbrook talks to Esquire about ESPN photoshoot

Russell Westbrook opens up about his ESPN photo-shoot with Esquire.

Russell Westbrook gave an interview with Esquire magazine to talk about his recent photo shoot with ESPN.

Russell Westbrook Talks Style | Esquire

Be sure to check out the entire interview, as Westbrook opens up about his enthusiasm for fashion. It is really remarkable how conversational Westbrook, who is known more for his on-court brooding and ferociousness, becomes when he's talking about his passion.


Here are a few select quotes:

ESQ: big congrats to you on being their first official cover subject for this special issue. How was the experience?

Russell Westbrook: Just amazing, so great! It started out a little questionable because of the weather [in Oklahoma City] but it ended up being a great experience and day. I am really happy with it.

ESQ: Do you have a favorite look?

RW: Yeah, probably the cover shot with the pink pants, baby blue blazer, and cardigan. I liked all of the elements, like the sunglasses and the bag. Beyond my glasses [the notorious lensless ones], I am not so much an accessories guy — but I am really starting to get into it more.

ESQ: In the ESPN piece, the author refers to you as, "The NBA's biggest sartorial enigma," — which is interesting, considering that it was just last season that the industry and the press had you pegged as the leader of the "geek chic" phenomenon. Has it been a conscious decision to keep them guessing or do you not play in to all of that? The labeling and the characterizing?

RW: Ha! I like that, actually. It sounds fancy. You know, I don't think about it that much. I don't plan things, I just go with and wear what I'm feeling. And that can be different every day.