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2013 NBA Playoffs: Durant's shot touched by a hand from the heavens

Kevin Durant rescued the Thunder with a remarkable 3-point shot. How did it go in?

Scott Halleran

The Thunder, playing without Russell Westbrook in Game 3, recovered just in time to avoid total collapse and avoid losing to the Houston Rockets. A key pivotal moment in the game was with less than a minute to go, the Rockets had taken a 2 point lead off of a Francisco Garcia 3-pointer. However, Kevin Durant wasted no time in attempting the answer, pulling up and firing a contested 3-pointer that practically had a homing device on it. Here is the play:

As Royce Young at Daily Thunder opined, perhaps this was the Hand of God intervening.

Luckily for you WTLC readers, we have the play-by-play breakdown. Let's take a look.


First, Durant pulls up for what is, objectively, a terrible, contested, early shot clock 3-point attempt. In fact, if his last name was 'Westbrook,' numerous talking heads would have exploded when he released it.


The shot was contested, but Durant's form was pure. Too bad he was shooting approximately 3-300 in the 2nd half. What was KD thinking?

As the shot sailed toward the rim, thousands of Rocket fans gazed in wonder at what it would mean if Durant missed another shot and they actually held on for the win. The ball was descending...


Would Russell 'Doc' Westbrook be avenged? Would the Thunder escape with a win? Or would the Beard put his thumb print on the Thunder dynasty once and for all, but irony of ironies, wearing a red jersey?



With but seconds remaining and the ball caroming high, a hand from the heavens was Durant's only last hope.


Who would come to Kevin's aid? The heavenly host? An angel? A sweet cherub to guide his shot to its victorious destination?




It's a sign from the heavens! Consult the Book of Armaments! Westbrook demands it!


/afraid to say anything


And so it was.


It's in the hole.