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Watch: NBA Playoffs - Russell Westbrook makes us all look up and pay attention

Russell Westbrook is BIG.

The NBA premiered another 2013 playoff commercial during Game 2 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets. The spot features a pivotal play made by Thunder Point Guard Russell Westbrook last year in Game 5 against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2012 Semi Finals. I remember this play well because I was at the 'Peake, experiencing it in person.

Oklahoma City led the series 3-1 and the game was tied at 70. The Lakers had won the previous game on their home court to avoid the sweep and were now trying to get a win on the Thunder's court.

Ramon Sessions attempted a pass to Kobe Bryant. Westbrook intercepted the pass and raced down the court. Sessions tried to wrap him up to prevent the fast break, but Westbrook flipped up a spectacular shot. The ball went in the basket, the foul was called, and Westbrook went into a familiar, high-stepping celebration. The home crowd at the Chesapeake Energy Arena erupted. Westbrook's and-1 helped propel the Thunder to go on to win the game and the series.

This commercial is unique in that it shows an international audience watching this very personal OKC moment in NBA playoff history while commentators from around the world describe that game-changing play. I was able to experience that moment in person, but this commercial reminds us how global basketball has become. We are all connected by these moments.