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2013 NBA Playoffs: Russell Westbrook - "You can't let anyone get in your way."

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Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley bumped knees during the Thunder's Game 2 win. Westbrook didn't take kindly to the play and after the game said "It's fun. During this time of year you've got one goal and you can't let anyone get in your way."

Christian Petersen


-Scott Brooks

"That's what you want from a playoff atmosphere and we got it."

"We had poor execution in their zone, but we still scored 27 points in that fourth quarter. The five or six turnovers we had we can correct, but other than that I thought it was a hard fought game by both teams."

On how Houston controlled the boards with a small lineup: "It doesn't add up, other than it did add up. We can't be the bigger team and be the team that gave up 19 rebounds offensively."

On Durant controlling the game in the final minutes: "We changed it up and made a little adjustment against their zone. We had Kevin (Durant) handle the ball up top."

On if he was curious about his team playing well late: "We know. We've playing in a lot of close games. Maybe, not this year, but you don't forget how you play."

It's the playoffs. -Russell Westbrook

-Kevin McHale

On Westbrook and Beverley knocking knees: "It doesn't take much to fire up Patrick. You throw the ball up, Patrick's ready to go. He's a tough little guy little guy from Chicago and he'll go fight you for it."

-Kevin Durant

On trusting Thabo Sefolosha to make a late three: "I trusted Thabo. I trust in everybody. Even if they're missing, if I see them wide open I pass it to them and let them make those shots."

-Russell Westbrook

On what got him excited when tangling with Patrick Beverley: "It's the playoffs."

On relishing players getting in his face: "It's fun. During this time of the year, you've got one goal and you can't let anyone get in your way."

-James Harden

"We were down 15. We could've just given up the game and said let's just go to Game 3, but we fought back and took the lead. We definitely have some confidence going into Game 3 and going back home."

When asked about the physicality of the game: "It's the playoffs."