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2013 NBA Playoffs: Russell Westbrook starts off the playoffs with subtle boldness

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Russell Westbrook is known for his eclectic fashion sense. What did he sport following his team's big win over the Rockets to start off the 2013 playoffs?

Two tickets to the gun show.
Two tickets to the gun show.
CBS Sports

Russell Westbrook has made a name for himself over the past year. Often showing up in clothes that most people don't even know exist, Westbrook is unafraid to make a statement regardless of whether it follows a win or a loss.

As you can see in the above banner, Westbrook has kicked off this playoff fashion season with subtle boldness (or is it bold subtleness?) by featuring a sleeveless turtleneck, gold chains, gold glasses, and not a care in the world.

(image courtesy NewsOK)

(image courtesy Daily Thunder)

As bold as Westbrook is, there is still a reigning king. And this king apparently favors Bill Cosby sweaters now to distract from his receding hairline.

(image courtesy

Update: the Westbrook shoe experience marches on.



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