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2013 NBA Playoffs: James Harden: "Believe it or not, this was a good loss."

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The Thunder handled the Rockets 120-91 in Oklahoma City Sunday, however, James Harden believes his team can learn from what he called "a good loss." Here's what the players and coaches had to say after the game.

Christian Petersen

Scott Brooks

"I thought our defense was outstanding throughout the game. This was a very explosive offensive team that can beat you in many different ways. I thought we locked in and all five guys participated. Our defensive energy was good from start to finish."

"We wanted to make his (James Harden) touches tough and build a wall. Our bigs did a good job of helping out. It's not a one man defense, all five guys have to stop the ball."

Kevin McHale

"It wasn't any of their actions that hurt us. They had 21 points off of our turnovers and then offensively we got stagnant. We didn't get much pass-pass combination and we didn't have a whole lot of flow tonight offensively."

"There were a lot of guys out there playing in their first playoff game. I was interested to see how we were going to start. I was happy we were able to gain our footing, but still didn't have a whole lot of flow."

Kevin Durant

"We did a decent job. We've got to be a lot better though. They missed some wide-open shots and we've got to a better job next game."

On his family not wearing Thunder shirts: "That's my fault. They have to participate. I've got them next game."

James Harden

"Believe it or not, this was good for us. Losing like this was definitely good because now we know how to play. This is a lot of guys' first time here in the playoffs. Now we can watch the film and figure out where we can get better in order to come out and execute next game."

"It was awkward before the game, but when the ball went in the air I just tried to compete and tried to win."

"It is our first time here so before the game I tried to rattle my guys up and didn't try to worry about anything else."