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Watch: 2013 NBA Playoffs, Thunder vs Rockets game 1 video highlights

The Thunder took game 1 vs the Rockets after a dominant performance on both ends of the court. Here are some video highlights to keep your heart-rate up while we wait for game 2.

Behold, the highlights.

This defense-to-offense sequence is the kind of thing that separates contenders from pretenders. Also, Perkins kind of cherry picks it, but props to him for not getting his dunk blocked.

This is the play that people will remember most, however, the Kendrick Perkins to Serge Ibaka fast break alley-oop. As impressive as it is that Perk pulled this off, don't miss the insanely athletic play that Westbrook makes in order to ignite the break.

Kevin Durant and Westbrook talk post-game.

This is the 3rd time this has happened on the Thunder court this season: