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Watch: Reggie Jackson finishes strong vs the Wizards

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Reggie Jackson had to step in against the Wizards when Russell Westbrook had early foul trouble.

When I hear people criticize Reggie Jackson's abilities and whether or not he is a point guard or combo guard, I think of plays like these against the Wizards last Wednesday in Oklahoma City.

Some question whether he's really a point guard or more of a combo guard.

The video above proves that he's a point guard and, at times, he's the best ball handler on the court. I especially liked his confidence with Kevin Durant on the floor and John Wall guarding him. He showed no fear and got to the bucket three times in the late part of the first quarter.

So for those who think Jackson is more of a combo-guard, just watch the video above. Yes it was against the Wizards, but he stepped in after Russell Westbrook fell into foul trouble early in the game. It was a strong performance and something the Thunder can be excited about for years to come.