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Thunder final score: Thunder end the season with a loss against the Bucks, 95-89

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The Thunder sit their stars in preparation for the playoffs and fall to the Bucks, 95-89.

W Bennett Berry

Box Score

The Oklahoma City Thunder end their regular season with a loss against the Milwaukee Bucks,

Kevin Durant announced via instagram earlier today that he would be sitting out of tonight's game, meaning his streak of 3 straight scoring titles would come to an end this season. Instead, the Thunder gave rookie Perry Jones the start in Durant's place.

In a game where Westbrook, Ibaka, and Thabo only played a total of 24 minutes. The Thunder rode their young guns and were able to take a 51-45 lead at the half. OKC looked like they would be able to hold onto the lead and win the game, but eventually gave it up in the fourth. Down six in the final minutes, the Thunder didn't even foul in an to win the game, opting to head into the playoffs.

In what looks to be a line from the future, OKC was led by Reggie Jackson with 23, Perry Jones with 14, and Jeremy Lamb with 13.

What is your initial reaction to tonight's result?

It was a little disappointing to learn that we wouldn't get a chance to see Durant pack the box score in a last ditch attempted to win the scoring title, but by sitting out Durant seals himself in the 40/50/90 club, only the 7th player to do so. Other than that, Brooks did what he had to do. Rested his starters and got the young guns some playing time.

What does this game tell us about the playoffs?

Nothing. Milwaukee is the 8th seed in the East, meaning they're facing the Heat and probably have about 4-5 games left in the season. Meanwhile the Thunder stuck with the young guns tonight. With Perry Jones, Jeremy Lamb, Reggie Jackson, and DeAndre Liggins playing significantly.

The only thing mildly interesting here is for next season, the Thunder's reserve were able to keep up with the Bucks starters all night. With the Kevin Martin contract situation upcoming, would the Thunder feel more comfortable letting him walk if they knew they had a plethora of talent to choose from.

What does this game mean to the Thunder tonight and going forward?

We FINALLY move into the playoffs. At this time, it is unknown who the Thunder will play. The starters will have a good deal of rest going into the first game, which is good, if the are able to make quick work of their first round opponent, it could be huge come later in the playoffs.

Final - 4.17.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Milwaukee Bucks 21 24 23 27 95
Oklahoma City Thunder 30 21 19 19 89

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Dara's Awards

Thunder Wonder: Reggie Jackson, 23 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists.

Thunder Down Under: Perry Jones 7-15, 14 points, 9 rebounds.

Thunder Blunder: none

Thunder Plunderer: John Henson 28 points, 16 rebounds.


Next game: NBA Western Conference Quarter-Finals, TBA

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