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New Welcome to Loud City Shirts!

I'm down with OKC....Yea, you know me!

I'm down!
I'm down!

Just in time for the playoffs, Welcome to Loud City finally has shirts!

Buy It Here

And no, these aren't lame shirts that simply advertise the great website that you're currently perusing. They actually feature Russell Westbrook, giving the classic "look". The original picture is taken from the third time the Thunder visited the Boston Celtics, back on November 19th, 2010. Kevin Durant and Jeff Green were out with injury, forcing Westbrook to lead the charge against the defending NBA runners-up. He didn't disappoint, scoring 31 points in a Herculean effort that ended with glorious victory.

The phrases above and below the image are a reference to the song "O.P.P" from Naughty by Nature. The song was featured in several MTV and Yo! MTV Raps promos in the 90s. As such, the font is a throwback to that era. On the back of the shirt, there's a simple basketball design, along with the address of the fantastic website you bought the shirt from.

The shirts themselves are Hanes tagless 100% cotton shirts, so they'll definitely be lasting a long while. Sizes run from Small to 2 XL. We have a limited stock, but if the shirt prove to be popular, we may print more!

You can buy the shirt now at We ship worldwide!

If you do end up buying the shirt, huge thanks goes out to you from all of us at WTLC! We appreciate the support!