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OKC loud links: March 7th

The Thunder visit the Big Apple tonight; here is what else is going on around the league.

KD will be dancing in NY tonight
KD will be dancing in NY tonight
W. Bennett Berry

Various and sundry.


Thunderstruck by the pick and roll | CBS Sports

Moore writes that the Knicks aren't defending the PnR very well, which is interesting given the fact that Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler anchors their D.

Can Kevin Martin end his road struggles? | NewsOK

Kevin Martin has really been struggling from the floor as of late. It was particularly noticeable in the Denver game, where Martin was so flustered he was visibly losing confidence in doing the most basic things, like passing and catching the ball.

Lip-reading Kobe and Serge | Deadspin

Before the game, Kobe Bryant said that he'd smack Serge Ibaka in the mouth if Ibaka dared replicate his Griffin-tap. During the game, they had this little exchange. What was said? Honestly, my guess is that Kobe was speaking in Italian and Serge was speaking in Spanish, so they didn't even understand what the other was saying.

NBA Shootaround: let's marvel at these Lakers | Grantland

Come on guys, really? The Lakers get a comeback win over the 21-41 Horn-icans, so they're the toast of town again? If you're going to tout the game, at least do it with this ridiculous play, where the entire New Orleans team apparently forgot which basket they were defending. Old Man Kobe still up to his Old Man tricks, I see.

Who has the NBA power? | Sports Illustrated

Not included on the list - Vinny del Negro and his, "Wha happen?" look of confusion.

Where do NBA coaches come from? | Wages of Wins

Now before you get all smart-aleck-y on me and say, "from the sexy time," I do want to point out one place where NBA coaches do NOT come from - coaching college basketball.

The Rockets have serious defensive problems | SB Nation

I love what the Rockets are becoming, but this post is spot-on. It is also why, while I would love to see an OKC-Houston 1st round match-up, there's no way that the Rockets win more than a game against the Thunder's playoff-focused defense.

Harden and the pocket pass | Red94

Even with their defensive issues, the Rockets are scoring at such a high rate that they're going to give many teams trouble. James Harden's pocket-passing is an art form and definitely missed in OKC.

The Big Slapstick | Grantland

This is a fine piece, but it is also kind of ridiculous. Given the current state of affairs in both our country and academia, what exactly is the role of a "Humor Research Conference?" Honestly, if they want to understand humor, just go watch some of the all-time great stand-up acts like Pryor, Cosby, Eddie, Chris Rock, etc. and at least see the masters at work.

Meanwhile, isn't Shaq slowly morphing into a goofier Suge Knight? That's kind of funny, in a dangling-Vanilla-Ice-over-the-edge-of-a-hotel-balcony way, right?

LeBron mails out 'Save the Date' cards | Ball Don't Lie

I trust you all received yours, correct?

And for the record, Devine is 100% correct. Wedding invitations and stationery are perhaps the worst thing I've ever had to deal with in my life.

Ekpe Udoh finally meets Betty White | Ball Don't Lie

Follow your dreams, Ekpe Udoh.