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OKC Loud Links: March 13

The Thunder look to pick up the pieces tonight against Utah. Check out what is going around the league today.

Into the arms of the angels.
Into the arms of the angels.
W. Bennett Berry

Various and sundry.


5 leftovers from San Antonio | Daily Thunder

It's beating a mostly-dead horse, but I don't know why, either.

But last night brought to life the great fear of Thunder fans. There was Fisher, on the floor in the fourth quarter, for some reason. Sitting on the bench: Thabo Sefolosha, Kevin Martin and Reggie Jackson. And if you want to extrapolate further, Jeremy Lamb and DeAndre Liggins were figuratively on the bench as well.

In 12 minutes, Fisher was a -21. He was on the floor for both big San Antonio runs. Now, I can’t be selective and ignore that Collison was actually the biggest minus (-24) so it’s not fair to just single out Fisher. BUT with Collison, I know why he was on the floor. I still don’t with Fisher.

Why Derek Fisher? | NewsOK


Seeds of progress | CBS Sports

"I think myself and our players have done a good job at making people think that we're very basic...That's always been the gameplan. We're a good scoring team, not because we run simple things."

Why Loud City should be at the 'Peake' of your bucket list | Sheridan Hoops

The Boston CelticsAvery Bradley, a former Texas Longhorn, would attest to this on Sunday before tip-off.

"It’s loud; it’s kind of like a college atmosphere," Bradley said. "You can just feel it. The fans are so intense here. They’re so in love with the Thunder. For it to be like a college game, that’s the best atmosphere."

There is now a Sonics ticket waitlist | Ball Don't Lie

Our buddies at SonicsGate are in the top pic here. Kings fans are probably not amused.

Tim Donaghy: how refs get influenced | Denver Stiffs

If you know your NBA history, then you know the name Tim Donaghy. The Stiffs get a great interview with him where Tim opens up about the relationship between the referees and the various parties to the game.

Dark Horses: who is in? | Gothic Ginobili

Here's a great look at how the bottom half of the West is likely going to break down.

The return of Dwight Howard | Orlando Pinstriped Post

I guess that really didn't go the way the Magic fans had hoped.

The Dawn of a new jazz age? | Grantland

Zach Lowe has plenty to riff about, but at the top of the list - he's a fan of Golden State's sleeves.

Ricky Rubio gets his first triple-double vs Spurs | Ball Don't Lie

Ricky Rubio carved up the Spurs on his way to sending down the team that just took apart OKC. It kind of lends credence to the idea that it's tough to play back-to-backs against quality teams, no?


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