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Mayberry's All-Star day 2 notes: relationships, competitions, and Robert Horry

The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry covers the high points of day 2 of All-Star weekend.

Notes from Day 2 of All-Star Weekend | NewsOK

Read the whole thing, but among the high points, Robert Horry commented on his impression of Russell Westbrook after competing with him in the Shooting Stars challenge:

"Man, I just love the guy. It's certain guys that I admire. He's one of those guys that is just a flat out talent. He's so fast and so explosive. I sit around sometimes in the barbershop and listen to these guys talking about ‘Man, Westbrook shoot too much.' I say, ‘Dude, that's what he does. He shoots the ball. Y'all don't complain when all these other guys shoot the ball.' They like, ‘Nah, he need to give it to Durant.' Durant the leading scorer in the league. I say ‘he must be giving him the ball sometimes.' But I love the guy. I hope he continues to be successful, because he definitely has the potential to be one of the best point guards ever."

More from Horry on whether people are just stuck in the past when it comes to the role of point guards: "I think that's it. I think it's a lot of old school stuff that people don't want to get rid of. They always used to a point guard being a facilitator. Everybody wants (point guards) to be Steve Nash, Jason Kidd. Those guards are gone by the wayside just like big men. There aren't enough big men out there anymore. You may have one, two or three guys. But now, guys are just basketball players. They can just flat out do everything. They can score, they can shoot, they can pass, they can do it all."