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Kyrie Irving wins NBA All-Star 3-point shootout

Kyrie Irving, wunderkind extraordinaire, won his first NBA All-Star 3-point shootout, and it was the first time he's entered. Actually, almost every time Kyrie does something amazing, it's the first time he's done it because he's only a 2nd year guard and has yet to turn 21.

Just the Beginning for Kyrie Irving | ESPN

We got to see "Mr. 4th Quarter" himself a few weeks ago when Irving almost single-handedly defeated the Thunder in Cleveland. The kid is unflappable and loves pressure moments. In the first round, Irving nearly got knocked out. He was on his 2nd to last rack sitting on a score of 11 with the moneyball in his hands (worth 2 points instead of 1) and he needed to get to 18 to advance. The moneyball bounced...bounced...and dropped in, and then Irving proceeded to get 5 points on the final rack to advance. Uncle Drew, well done.