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Team Bosh defeats Team Westbrook in 2013 NBA Shooting Stars challenge

Russell Westbrook's squad put up a great first round time but could not defeat Team Bosh in the finals.

Russell Westbrook led his squad of Maya Moore and Robert Horry over Team Harden in the first round, but once again Westbrook fell short to Chris Bosh and his team of Swin Cash and Dominique Wilkins.

The first round was a fun spectacle but the final round was a bit tedious, as SB Nation reported:

The finals were a contest of failure, with Team Bosh finish in 1:29 — by far the slowest time to that point — but Team Westbrook somehow missing half-court shots for more than a full minute and choking away a victory.

We were treated to some fantastic gesticulations:



However, unconfirmed rumors report that Westbrook responded to the loss by punching Clutch the Rockets mascot and stuffing Stephen Curry in a trash can.

Let's hope Westbrook's post-competition attire removes the sting out of this crushing defeat.

Here's the much more aesthetically pleasing 1st round:

Apropos of nothing...yo Russell, what's up with the canoe?