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GQ All-Star lesson in style: Westbrook and Harden set the stage

Russell Westbrook and James Harden have already made a scene at the All-Star weekend. Harden has the good fortune of being the home town hero, but Westbrook is not getting upstaged in the fashion department. GQ is tracking their action and were present when Russ and Harden showed off their Day 1 duds.

All Star Lesson in NBA Style: Get Coached by Russell Westbrook and James Harden | GQ

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A fashion bug I am not, so I can't even begin to paraphrase this:

[T]ogether, both Harden and Westbrook taught the fans an import style lesson of high and low. Harden, in his backyard of Houston, TX, has worn nothing but Christian Louboutin sneakers since the all-star festivities kicked off. Even to the Houston Foodbank to do community service. We won't broadcast the price of his sneakers—"Gentlemen's" Quarterly, know?—but chances are your girlfriend has asked for a pair and after looking at the price online you went the sentimental route. No shame in that, fellas. However, Wild Wild Westbrook as we affectionally call him, chose more accessible duds by sporting a camel knit blazer from Zara.

So, Christian Louboutin, eh? Cool, I guess. But "Wild Wild Westbrook?"